City Tax in Berlin

The Berlin city council has placed a mandatory tax on hotel accommodation designed to help fund cultural maintenance and infrastructure. Guests who are travelling on business only, will be excused from this regulation, but this information needs to be proved. Please provide the hotel during your check-in with the filled in document (self attestation or the employer attestation).

Participation in a specialist conference is considered to be a business-related accommodation and is therefore exempted from the City Tax. This does not apply to any accompanying persons.

If the bill is made out to the guest’s employer or is paid directly by the employer, or if the reservation was made by the employer, no further proof is required.

Written confirmation from the employer, including the name and address of the employer and the duration of the stay, or written confirmation from the guest (including the same information) can also serve as proof.

People who are self-employed or are owners or co-owners of a company can provide comparable proof. This could also be a written statement that includes the guest’s income tax identification number.


More information

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